Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


What Teko is doing while Ku-suke enjoying morning

Hello friends!!
We're sorry we couldn't blog sooner.

It is Saturday 2:30AM here in Tokyo.
Mommy has just finished her works now!

After uploading this post,
she needs to take a bath and go to bed soon today,
So we are going to visit your blogs around tomorrow night!
We miss visiting you till tomorrow....

OK,here's our Friday post.
We had a sunny beautiful morning and Ku-suke was enjoying sunbeams alone without any disturbance.

Good for you! Ku-suke!!

So where is that black and white tiny monster....?

Oh! with B-sensei!
Mom thonght they look comfy together...


BAD little boy Teko is!

And here comes Ku-suke,too!


Teko has one naughty curly eyebrow!
Did you see it?

Have a fabulous weekend,dear friends!!!

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  1. Aw what a great post - so cute! All your kitties are always so adorable! And I love the little comments on the pictures - they are funny and perfect for how cats act!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. So funny! Great pictures, they are having such fun.

  3. Never mess with a kitty in a hammock! Excellent photos :)

  4. Those pictures are fun ones! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. That is one of the coolest hammicks ever! It looks like a spoon!

  6. What a wonderful post!!! Very nice hammick!! Love the pictures of the kitties!!! Have a great weekend!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  7. Awww serene Ku-suke! You look very calm enjoying the sunbeams - good for you indeed! But naughty Teko is very possessive of his hammock! Poor sweet B-Sensei! Nevermind - there is plenty of room to enjoy the sunbeams elsewhere! Best to just live beautiful Teko to enjoy the hammock to himself! Awwwww!

    Me and Charlie love your one little curly eyebrow, Teko!

    Hope your mum has a good rest now. Take care and have a lovely weekend!

  8. Teko! Are you a Ninja cat?! Those were some pretty pawsome moves! I hope you did not hurt B-Sensei or Ku-suke! You sure love your hammock! Poor B-sensei and Ku-suke! They just want a chance to be comfy and cozy in the hammock, too. And that crazy eyebrow is scary!

    I am really liking your hammock. If I came over to try it out, would you attack me? ;->


    p.s. Thanks for your great idea of "Sukarate!" You are one creative, smart kitty! I am jealous that I did not think of that!

  9. It's nice Ku-suke had a chance to enjoy the sunbeams on his own for a while...Teko's hammock is really cool and he obviously adores it!...B-sensei and Ku-suke both just walked away from Teko instead of trying to fight with him; they are either very afraid of him or not afraid of him at all!!MOL...Teko is a silly boy!...Hope you all have a fun weekend...kisses sweet handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Oh Teko such a silly boy, wrestling with your big brothers! We likes Teko's hammock, it looks very comfy for kitties.
    Have a great weekend Boys, and we hopes mommy gets lots of sleep.

  11. Oh, Teko Chan, you are so funny! You really enjoy your hammock, and you do not want to share it with Beat Sensei and Ku-suke Chan. We liked the pictures of Ku-suke in the sunbeams!

    We hope you have a very nice weekend. :)

  12. We love your naughty curly eyebrow!


  13. So lovely pictures all
    its nice to have a brother to play with :-)
    I am always alone meow..meow..

    Have a Happy Weekend
    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  14. might want to consider taking some martial arts classes so you can stand your ground with Teko the might warrior. Teko has one swift right paw.

    Mom GREAT pictures and the sequence of them is excellent. We know how hard it can sometimes be to get the pictures in order the way we want them.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  15. Woof! Woof! Great photos. Happy Blog HOP day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. Hi there! I'm visiting from the Blog Hop. Yours is really fun! Teko looks just like my cat Markie, even with the little goatee beard! Feel free to visit my blog if you like. Have a purrfectly wonderful weekend - meow!

  17. Sounds like your Mom had a busy day. You two kitties playing around should make her feel better and laugh! heehee
    Have a great weekend too :)
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie