Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


What Teko is doing while Ku-suke enjoying morning

Hello friends!!
We're sorry we couldn't blog sooner.

It is Saturday 2:30AM here in Tokyo.
Mommy has just finished her works now!

After uploading this post,
she needs to take a bath and go to bed soon today,
So we are going to visit your blogs around tomorrow night!
We miss visiting you till tomorrow....

OK,here's our Friday post.
We had a sunny beautiful morning and Ku-suke was enjoying sunbeams alone without any disturbance.

Good for you! Ku-suke!!

So where is that black and white tiny monster....?

Oh! with B-sensei!
Mom thonght they look comfy together...


BAD little boy Teko is!

And here comes Ku-suke,too!


Teko has one naughty curly eyebrow!
Did you see it?

Have a fabulous weekend,dear friends!!!


Happy News!! and Teko's got many faces

Hello friends!!
Today We've got Happy News!!

B-sensei has accepted into the KOOL SENIOR KITTY KLLUB by Sammy and Andy!!!
We are Soooooo proud that B-sensei has become a member!
Because he is going to be 14 next months and this badge really made him happy!

THANK YOU,Sammy and Andy!!!
We are very happy that B-sensei has something to be proud of!!!

And that was not the only thing that made us happy.
Keiko from Kitty Trio gave this amazing award!!!

You are really our angel,dear Keiko!!!

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.
Rule 3. Pass the award along to 9 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
Rule 4. Contact Blog award winners.

Here are our 9 things....
1. Ku-suke loves to stick to mom every night when sleeping. He loves to put his bottom on her face.
2. Teko-chan likes to sleep alone wherever he likes.
3. B-sensei likes to sleep in his little bed.
4. B-sensei's fur is a little fluffy. Ku-suke's fur is soft and shiny. Teko-chan's fur is slippery grossy.
5. B-sensei had caught a pigeon only once in his life. Mom was horrified when she found the poor pigeon's dead body. Balcony was the only place where he could catch the poor pigeon.
Mom still wonders how he could do that. She could see no blood on the pigeon's body so maybe she had been dead already... Mom hopes she had.
6. Mom thought Teko-chan might be a Scottish Fold when he was a tiny baby kitty. But the vet was kind enough to explain that every tiny kitty's ears are separated like those of the Scottish Folds.
7. Ku-suke was like an alien kitty when he was little. Only the eyes were big and he was so skinny.
Dad and Mom thought his face was funny.
Actually he wasn't popular in the shelter and he had spent 3months there. (most of the kitten stays like 1~2months)
8. Jean,who went to a very happy forever home from us was absolutely a cute boy. His meow was sooooo cute,he was saying "mmmmmeow"!
9. Teko is the only one who loves both Mom and Dad equally!

About the Rule No3&4,
We thought and thought and thought....
But we couldn't choose!
Because we know some of you already have this award, and we think all of our friends deserve this award!!!

So we would like to send this award to anyone who's interested!
Please feel free to take it!!!
(Do you say "feel free"? Am I using the right expressoin?)

Today,we want to introduce how Teko has so many looks on his face!!
Teko -chan wants to talk to you!

Mom says my face is funny.
Isn't THAT funny?

She screamed at me saying
"Noooooooo Teko-chan,you are a horror movie!!"

She is sometimes very rude to me.

I'm a good looking kitty.

Or you can call me lovely.

Look at me closer!!!


Were you surprised?

I am really good at surprising mommy!!

When mommy rubs my forehead,
I don't know why but my mouth opens a little...

I can be a cutie when asking mommy to rub more!

Of course I can be handsome,too.

funny face

and sweet face!

I can do any face!!

Today,I will show you a picture of myself when I was a baby!!!

It is Thursday 0:50 AM here in Tokyo!

Happy Thursday!!!!!


Cats and Perfumes

from B-kun!!

I copied Teko-chan to show you that sometimes I can be cute like a little kitty!


Did you like it?

Perfumes are one of my favorites.

I took the plunge to dispose many of them...
But I still have many left.....

When living with cats,
we should be careful with flowers ,plants,,,,
and also aromaterapy.

I've read these books and there written how dangerous the essential oils can be for cats.

There also written,
"What the most important thing you can do for your cats is,to always think of them when you use your aromatherapy.
If you want to use the essential oils,don't lock your cats in the same room.
Remember to ventilate a room."

But anyway, my love for perfumes are getting more and more contained.
I wonder why perfume bottles are that big!
It is so rare to use them all!!
But,to tell you the truth,
I love the bottles,too!!
They are beautiful!!!

Anyway,I can't stop loving these beautiful things!!

I'm so bored!

Mom:Teko-chan is now about 8.5 months old.
But when sleeping,he looks like a tiny kitty!!

I told you I am cute!


Mom:Of couse,

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!!

Tekorin making a complaint

I spent a busy Sunday,
And Teko made a compalint to me!