Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


My Japanese Blog


I am so sorry for not posting for such a loooooong time...

I am surprised that some of you are so very sweet sending me e-mails and showing you care.
Thank you!!!!
I just don't know how to tell you how thankful I am.

I've been very busy trying to help find forever homes for homeless cats.
(I've been busy for my jobs,too)
I could find home for Hisui,Mari,Mika,and Liaco from Fukushima(where the terrible plant exists).
Now I found a kitty Cleo who was almost dying last Saturday and taking care of him.

My amigos B-sensei,Ku-suke,and Teko is doing fine.
B-sensei is now 15 yrs old!

The problem is...
it is difficult for me to write in English. My English is too poor and it takes much more time for me to write in English.Sorry.....

Hope you could visit my Japanese one.
I'm so sorry it is all written in Japanese but you can see photos!

And I've started twittering!(almost Japanese,,,sorry...)!/tennjan

I do hope my furrineds are doing fine.
Thank you so much for your warm thoughts for us,for Japan.


Look on the bright side

We still have aftershocks everyday and news are telling scary things.
People living in Tokyo are trying hard to cheer ourselves up,but nights are dark,many people are leaving Tokyo,and these things make us feel anxious.
Many people feel phantom earthquakes all the time and we are all so tired and nervous.

Now new tests show tap water here in Tokyo is safe enough for babies,but panic in Tokyo again made people buy all bottled waters all over Japan.

We need simple,clear informations that we really need to know.
We need truth and something we can rely on.

So we've been spending uneasy nights.
But also we see so many touching stories about how humans are strong in their heart and how warm we could be.
We feel something changing.
In better way.
I think there are hundreds of people who feel the same.

This is gonna be our turning point.

Fears and angers can easily dominate us.
Those powers are huge.
But I believe the love and tenderness is much stronger.
So now is the time that we try hard to look on the bright side.

Our Teko is saying...
Hello furriends,Teko here!

Radiation threatening us,but hope everybody is doing fine.
Safe water for us cats,please!
I was thinking so hard trying to figure out what to do...
And that made my eyes crossed...
So I've decided.

To look on the bright side where the light is directed.
Famous Itoi Shigesato was also saying...'Don't count how deep the darkness are,but how bright the lights are'
And that made me want to go to the bright place.

It's warm and comfy!
I wanted to go more further,but my mean mommy said NO.

I found a very touching music from Kenya.



Sunday afternoon

Hello Furriends,

Sorry for not being able to post sooner.

Today it was Sunday here in Tokyo.(Now it is Monday already!)
My husband and I took a long nice walk today.
We had been quite busy these days so it was nice to have such a lovely afternoon.

We enjoyed tasty burgers...
bought some breads (very yummy!)
walked along a park...
had a cup of coffee in the town where old and new meets...

We just enjoyed our peaceful afternoon.

It looks like we had a Sunday afternoon as usual,but it was different for us.

So many thonghts coming out of my head and we feel like something so different.
We are not sure what and how it changed yet,though.

Last night we saw on TV the official report from Tokyo Fire Department who're working very very hard to save Japan from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant problem at the risk of their own lives.

I will never forget this.
(Wish I could find the translated one,but I couldn't right now.sorry...)
(I found the translated one!)

They struggled to hold back their tears when they talk about how sorry they feel for their members' Families.
But they were completely cool and have done their dangerous job.(and still the others are working very hard)
There explanations were very simple and reliable and made us feel safe.
We never can't thank them enough.

When we came back home from our long nice walk, our 3 amigos were waiting for us as usual.

Oh how we thank them!
and THANK YOU furriends for your warmest concerns.


I believe we are changing for good

Hello dear furrinends,

Thank you all so much for your warmest thoughts for us.

It's been a week since the very first earthquake had happened.
I prayed silently for the victims at the time when it struck.

There are still so many worries around us.
We feel kind of helpless sometimes.
I cry everyday to see so many people and animals still shivering and suffering.
Hoods and gasolines still can't be delivered because of the damage of the negative image of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

But I feel strongly that we are changing for good.
This huge disaster is changing our life.

A week passed and now I get to know what had happened to our cat blog furriends.
I heard the saddest news that one of them and her 2cats had passsed away.
I didn't know her directly,but this news made me cry and cry and cry...
She was trying to carry all her 3 cats with her,but one of them ran away and it took time to catch him/her.
It was about time she was leaving home by car when tsunami struck.
Luckily,one cat was helped later by her husband.
And there are still some furriends that we can't get in touch with...

Everyday I feel very thankful that I am alive with my husband,family(including our cats),friends.
We just can't know what happens next.
But now I know that I should live for the others.

People here in Tokyo is now getting to calm down.
It is about time we lend our hands to help the others who need help instead of worrying.

And I decided to do my best to do what I can do for the ones who need help.

A friend of ours sent us an e-mail saying that their dogs and cats are so hungry by the pet hood shortage in their city.
There is no pet hood delivered.
They are in danger.
I am sure there is something I can do.
I will try my best.
Maybe I don't have any power by myself but if every one of us tried our best,it will be a power.

Thank you always for caring about us.

I will try visiting you if I could.
Please remember I really appreciate your friendship.
Thank you!!!!!



What I think now

Dear Furriends,

Thank you so much for your warmest concern.

I would like to share my thoghts about how I feel now staying here in Tokyo.
Sorry my English is not good enough to tell you well. But I try.
Honestly speaking,I am a little bit,no,very terrified.
I think most of us feel the same.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant ・・・ Oh what's gonna happen next.
A big earthquake that happens one after another ・・・ I feel terrible fear as for a little shake now.
Food shortage, the shortage of water, and the gasoline shortage ・・・ When does this stop?

Can I run away bringing all my cats when I really need to escape?
Is the building safe if it shakes to begin widely? Is the tsunami safe?
I can think of any possibilities being so afraid of...

Because it is not a situation that we can say clear that we are safe.

However, I am healthy and energetic as of now.
And, There are babies in need of milk, people who has lost their families, and houses not far from here.
I want to have the courage to help them rather than being scared.
What a tiny fear that I have now compared to those who are in the afflicted area.
I want to have the strength to help those people and animals who's suffering.
Maybe it is not the strength,it is the natural feeling.
People in Tokyo are just confused. We are not the one who needs help.
We are the one to help people in the afflicted area.
And to know that we have someone to help,it makes us very strong.

Tokyo ARK(Animal Refuge Kansai)is the volunteer group that is helping dogs and cats.
They were looking for volunteers who can accept the dogs and cats from the afflicted area.
I knew today that there were many applications so now they have enough home who can help.
Oh what a good news!!
There are lots of people who have warm,strong hearts at this difficult time.
There are people who are working very ,very hard to save the Fukushima nuclear plant at the risk of their own lives.
There are people who are trying so hard to rescue more lives from the afflicted area.

What I think now is that I should keep doing what I can.
Tokyo wasn't hit very bad.
I know Japan will rise above.

And our B-sensei is telling me the magic words!!
This word means like 'all right'.


Another big earthquake

I'm sorry for not being able to visit you.

We really appreciate your warm thoughts for Japan.
It means A LOT!! Thank You!!!

We had another big earthquake.
And this happened in Shizuoka prefecture.
It means this one is not the aftershock.
Another big one came.
Just scary...
Our poor Ku-suke ran under the bed again.

Tokyo is still in panic.
Almost all of the Japanese especially east Japan is very nervous.
You can see how empty the supermarkets are.

And the gas is all sold out here.

Reactor problems still threaten us.
Trains are only running 50-70%.

But there are so many people and animals still left there at the stricken area and I really hope that the ordinary life comes back here in Tokyo SOON and lend our hands to help them.

It is very difficult to stay calm but I think we really need to pull ourselves together now and do what we have to do.

Please,please no more earthquakes!!!

Through this difficult time,what makes us smile is,,,our lovely cats!!
Lots of Love,


Thank You!!

Thank you all so much for your warm commetns.
You really,truly cheer me up! Thank You!!!

I feel so sorry for the people and animals who are in stricken area.
Too many lives lost.....

We are still spending anxious nights.
Reactor problems seem a little settled down but still very dangerous.
Rolling blackouts are goint to start from tomorrow all over east Japan where the electricities were safe.
Tokyo is going to be included soon.(except Chiyoda,Chuo,Minato wards)
I live in Minato ward so maybe blackout is excluded but can't be easily relieved.
My husband is a photographer but almost all of the clients are also in panic so we don't know what is going on with our jobs...

And also,what scares us most are the aftershocks.
News said that there is very high possibility of another big earthquake for a while.
I have prepared emergency pack for me,my husband and our 3amigos.
But most people rushed supermarkets and shops and they are almost empty so there are still some things missing that we need.

We believe that someday in near future we will be smiling again.

It is Monday 0:45 now.
New week has just started.
Most people here in Tokyo starts working today.

We keep praying....

Thank you for your encouragement!!