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Sleeping Beauty Kitty

Today's story from 3 Amigos Fairy Tale is...

"Seelping Beauty Kitty" from "Sleeping Beauty"

Once upon a time,a beautiful black kitty prince was born.
He was very adorable and loved by everybody.
But a witch was too jealous because his fur was soooo shiny.
She made him fall asleep.

He was in a deep sleep...

One day,there came Tekorin guided by mommy fairy.

And he cast a spell on Prince Ku!

The Prince Ku awoke!!

And they lived happily ever after.

----------I have another friend,Prince William,who is looking for a family!---------
I drew his illustration.

He is gorgeous,isn't he?

14 件のコメント:

  1. Awwww

    What a sweet fairytale! And isn't Prince Ku the perfect sleeping Beauty???

    And mommy fairy chose a gorgeous knight in shiny black and whiter fur with a mickey mouse nose to cast off the sleeping spell!!!! Yay for hero Teko!!

    Me and Charlie are purring that William will find a forever home soon - it is a lovely drawing of a very gorgeous kitty!

    Hello to sweet B-Sensei too!

    Take care

  2. What a sweet story ! and she didn't even have to kiss a frog so that he transformed into a prince as our fairy tale tells !
    I cross the fingers for Prince William so that he finds a good forever home !

  3. Tekorin...what a lovely story...your mom is very talented. We are even more amazed by her artistic abilities. The picture of William is beautiful. Mom said to tell you she cannot draw a straight line with a ruler!!! :-)!!LOL
    Madi and Mom

  4. PS we like the Japanese characters that make up our name...

  5. What a lovely fairy tale with such a happy ending! Prince William is stunning and your mommy is a fantastic artist!

  6. A wonderful fairy tale with a happy ending=the handsome black Prince Ku and hero Teko are best friends!...We hope Prince William finds his happy ending with a loving forever home soon; he is a beautiful kitty...Your Mommy is so talented, we love her artwork!...Happy day sweet friends and kisses to you 3 gorgeous boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I love happy endings.

    Your mom made the illustration of William? It's wonderful! I hope he finds a Forever home soon.

  8. Wow, that was so very good!!!

  9. That was a wonderful story and a happy ending! We hope that your friend Prince William will have a happy ending and a wonderful forever home soon! Sending lots of good luck purrs for him!!

  10. Happy endings rock! Especially when such sweet kitties are involved! Great photos of Prince Ku and Tekorin by the window with the flower (fourth photo down). Lovely!

    I will keep my paws crossed that William finds a loving forever home! Great illustration, he looks like a gorgeous cat!


  11. Awww we loved that fairy tale!
    We hope that little William finds a forever home soon. He's so handsome!

  12. So lovely story
    your Mommy is very creative !!!
    I hope Mr William find a GOOD home :))

    Hugs to all from Kareltje =^.^=

  13. YAY!!!!! Tekorin to the rescue :) We like happy endingd too,heehee
    We will purr very hard for William to find a good home.
    Your Mom draws very well!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie