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The North Wind and the Sun

It was a sunny beautiful Mother's Day here in Tokyo!

Today We send you one of the story from 3 Amigos Fairy Tales.

First one is
"The Window Wind and the Sun"
from "The North Wind and the Sun"
by B-sensei

The Window Wind and the Sun had a quarrel about which of them was the stronger.....

to make me snooze.

The Window Wind brings such a comfy breeze...

And the Sun makes me warm and relaxed.....

After all, both of them made me snooze.

What lesson did you learn from this Fairy Tale

No lessons!!
Nothing is more important than comfiness!!

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  1. Hahahaha! That's an excellent lesson!

    Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

  2. I totally believe that too!

  3. Hee hee! That's a lesson we can live by! Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

  4. Hi to you all and Happy Mother's Day to your devoted and loving Mom!!! You two and Madi are lucky kitties.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Awwww B-sensei!! You are just adorable.

    What a great talent you have there! Me and Charlie loved your story and laughed out loud at the end.

    Comfiness is indeed most important.

    Thank you for this lovely tale.

    take care

  6. That is a good lesson, Thank you for visiting me today and your kind words about Stevie.

  7. hey B-sensie,

    Very philosophical of you! You are a very smart kitty! Comfiness does rule, even for us dogs! Great Fairy Tale, by the way! I hope to read more from you in the future!


    p.s. So glad you had beautiful weather for Mother's Day!

  8. Hahaha! We love it!
    Looks like you had a very nice Mother's Day!

  9. Hi TenTen-Chan, Beat-Sensei, Ku-suke Chan (and their Mom),

    Thank you so much for nominating us for the "Beautiful Blogger Award." We are quite honored to have received it from you, since we love visiting YOUR blog so much. :)

    We will post it as soon as we are able.

    Arigato gozaimasu!

    Takeo ("meowmeowmans") at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  10. A HA HA HA!!! that was a good one! We hope your mom had a nice Mother's Day!

  11. :)
    So lovely lesson THANKS :))
    I hope your Mom had a wonderful Mother's day
    My Mommy had a very relaxing day
    (she did do nothing .......... LOL)

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=