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Cats and Perfumes

from B-kun!!

I copied Teko-chan to show you that sometimes I can be cute like a little kitty!


Did you like it?

Perfumes are one of my favorites.

I took the plunge to dispose many of them...
But I still have many left.....

When living with cats,
we should be careful with flowers ,plants,,,,
and also aromaterapy.

I've read these books and there written how dangerous the essential oils can be for cats.

There also written,
"What the most important thing you can do for your cats is,to always think of them when you use your aromatherapy.
If you want to use the essential oils,don't lock your cats in the same room.
Remember to ventilate a room."

But anyway, my love for perfumes are getting more and more contained.
I wonder why perfume bottles are that big!
It is so rare to use them all!!
But,to tell you the truth,
I love the bottles,too!!
They are beautiful!!!

Anyway,I can't stop loving these beautiful things!!

I'm so bored!

Mom:Teko-chan is now about 8.5 months old.
But when sleeping,he looks like a tiny kitty!!

I told you I am cute!


Mom:Of couse,

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!!

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  1. You boys are all so adorable, just gorgeous babies with beautiful furs and sweet faces!...Our Mommy always makes sure we are not in the room when she sprays perfume and she never sprays it around our water fountain in the bathroom!...Your Mommy has lots of awesome perfume!...We love you handsome boys!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Such beautiful boys! And a very good message about the perfumes, thank you!

  3. Awwww B-sensei - you are ALWAYS cute!! You have a sweet and serene little face and are just too adorable!

    Your mum has a lot of perfume! Good grief! The bottles are very pretty aren't they? Sometimes they are more interesting than the perfume! LOL!

    And thanks for the information on how to keep kitties safe when using aromatherapy oils. It's always good toknow these things as I do use them now and again.

    Teko - you are still so young and very kitty like! And you are so right - you are very cute! Oh but you do get bored easily! LOL! Just like a little kitty still.

    Ku-suke - you are utterly adorable!!

    Me and Charlie wish you a happy and fun Tuesday too.

    Take care

  4. Those books look really interesting!

    We really like Teko-Chan's bed. It looks so comfortable!

    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  5. You are all very cute!

    My Mommeh likes perfume and perfume bottles, too. Her favorite right now is Angel by Thierry Mugler.

  6. Daisy,
    Our mommy was still in front of the PC and found that word"Angel by Thierry Mugler" and got very excited!
    She has that one,too and loves it!!!
    The bottle is really special,too!!

  7. What a beautiful post...Teko your mom is so very creative. My mom loves beautiful bottles too. It seems they rarely come in the pretty glass bottles like they did years ago. She also saves them. One of her favorite perfumes from some time ago (before she became very sensitive to aromas) was White Shoulders. The bottle was like shaped like a crown. She still has it. Maybe I'll talk her in to taking a picture of it for you....
    We love your great big yawn. Mom has good timing to be able to snap such good pictures of your lovely mouth.
    Happy Tuesday sweet friends...we are glad we know you,
    Madi and Mom

  8. My favorite fragrance by Chanel is Allure. Have you tried it? I like the body lotion.

    Your kitties always look very happy...You take good care of them.
    Head rubs and nose taps,

  9. All of you are such adorable cats. Teko-chan you are especially beautiful in my eyes. You remind me so much of my kitty that I lost to cancer.
    I love your little beds. They look so soft and comfy.

  10. All three of you are total cuties in our book!! And our mom thinks it is neat your mom loves perfumes - and that she likes the bottles too! We knew a lady who collected the bottles even after the perfume was gone, when they were pretty ones! We are pretty lucky because our mom doesn't use perfume (most give her a headache even if she loves how they smell), so we don't have to worry about getting sick from getting into them (because you know we would have to if they were here!)

  11. I can't quite get used to all that human smell stuff, but I do like to bat at the bottles!

  12. Such beautiful kitties!!! My mom only has a couple perfume bottles on her dresser. She won't let me see what they are and keeps them hidden from the cats too. It must be a big secret for her!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  13. Our mommy loves perfume too! Her favorite is TOVA. She mainly wears that one! And ALL of you are just too cute!

  14. You kitties are so adorable!! Teko-chan, you look so tiny in that bed!!

    And those perfume bottles are pretty!! Thanks for that info about keeping essential oils away from us kitties!

  15. Woof! Woof! Hi There ... I'm Sugar. Send by your friend Dog Daze. Checking out your blog. Adorable. Looking forward to your visit to my blog and be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. THANK YOU everybody for leaving such warm comments!!
    It was very interesting to read what your mommy's favorite perfumes are!!!

    "Angel by Thierry Mugler" is really a unique fragrance.
    I love that!!

    "White Shoulders" is such a lovely perfume!
    I heard that the smell has changed these days. I don't really know it because I never tried it. Hope I can!!!
    The bottle has changed,too. I do prefer the old one! so lovely!

    "Allure" is a great one. Hope someday I can get that! (OH! Am I going to buy a perfume again?)

    "TOVA" is another one I do want to get!! Noooooo I think I am back in the mode that" I LOVE PERFUMES!" hahaha...

    I can't choose my favorite. There are too many....