Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Sorry for not posting for a looooong time!!

Hello sweet bloggie friends!
We are so sorry for not posting for such a long time!!!

There are many reasons.
But to make it short,
Our mom had no energy left to translate Japanese into English
and reading English.
She was just too tired for that.

If you were interested in just to watch the photos of us,
(They are all written in Japanese though)
Please visit our Japanese blog here!
Please feel free(Now mom knows how to use this "feel free"! Thank you!)
to leave your comments if you'd like.

She thoght maybe she should quit because she can't catch up with you and the harder she tries,the harder she feels...
And she feels terribly sorry for not being able to visit you.
She just couldn't come here because she feels guilty.

But, she loves you all too much to quit.
You are all so wonderful sweet kitties and beans.

So we decided to post at our own pace(meaning very SLOW).
Hope you forgive us for that!
Visiting you will be very slow,too...

This morning,
B-sensei had an epileptic seizure.
(Is this English expressoin right for cats?)

This was the 3rd time.
He is an epileptic cat.

Mom knows how to handle the situation.
So she didn't panic.
But it's been a long time since he had the second epileptic seizure and we all thought maybe he never has it again.
It was a little shocking thing for mom.

Hope B-sensei never has the epilectic seizure again.

Good thing is....
He is doing very well now.

Teko really wants to talk to you now!

Hi everybuddy!!
I missed you all because of my lazy stupid mommy!
Hope you are all doing fine!


Today I would like to show you
how I use my NINJA magic power!!
Look closer...
And you can see my face


I am a kitty with a difference.

Don't you think my mickey mouse on the nose is growing long,too?

Now I found an enthusiastic fan watchin me.

Would you like me to kiss you?

Hope you have a happy weekend!!!


Viva Non Rock

Today I would like to introduce an old Japanese song by Drifters.

This song was so famous because the Drifters was one of the most famous comedy group in Japan from 60's.
And this song was one of the theme songs from their TV program and Children just looooved it.
Everybody in Japan knows this song.

This song is about Onsen(Hot Spring).

When I saw Teko-chan sleeping, I thought he was like enjoying Onsen!!
And this song came out of my mind. hahaha~n!

You can sing along!!

Ba ban ba ban ban ban
Hah~Viva Non Non
Ba ban ba ban ban ban
Ha viva viva viva

(It's a good hot spring)
Hah ha hah~n!
(feel so good in Hot Spring)
Hah hah ha~~n!

Monday has just started!!
Hope you all have a happy week!


Gentle Afternoon

Hello friends!
Thank you all again for your kind thoughts and tender heart.
You make us smile^^

The other day,
I found B-sensei and Ku-suke taking a nap together in one bed.
Usually,they don't get along well each other and
I could hardly see them nap together.
I was soooooo happy to see them together.

But it seemed like a miracle and didn't seem to happen again.

I saw it again!!!

First,Ku-suke was sleeping here alone.
Then came B-sensei and went next to Ku!

In Japanese,we have a special word which stands for this situation.
We call it "NEKO DANGO"
"Cats Dumpling"
They became NEKO DANGO!

B-sensei's head is sticking out from the bed.

This bed is too small for two?

Finally,B-sensei felt too hot to be the NEKO DANGO !

And what was our boy,Teko-chan doing while B and Ku enjoying a gentle afternoon?

He likes to stay on the mat.
These days,Teko's new hobby is plucking this mat.....

I can see the tail of the flower thief.

Flowers and plants can be dangerous for cats,
so it is very difficult to adorn a table with flowers...
Especially when you are living with naughty kitty....

After a while,I saw these two!

Have a happy weekend!



I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am!

Thank you all so much for your warm,special words to me.

I will talk about this special kitty in near future.
She was really a special kitty.

You are right my 3 amigos make me smile!

I'll post again tonight about my 3 amigos!
Bye for now


very special friend

Today,we had a very sad news.
Our very special friend,very special kitty went to the bridge this morning.

She had been struggling against her disease and we believe that she has no pain now.
We've just lost another friend who had Felv.

I'm not sure if I can express my feelings properly in English. But I'll try.
I feel like everything has stopped when someone who you really loved passed away.
But life moves on and the world looks the same as before.
Sometimes I can't accept it.
Why is the sky so blue and birds are singing. Why I'm working. Why I'm eating.
I feel so strange with the situation.
But,that really helps me,too.
I have lovely 3 amigos who needs my loving care.
There is a deadline for my job.
I need to do this, I need to go there.....

These thing help me move on.
But one thing has really changed that I can't hug him/her anymore in this life.
And special places in my heart for them were added.
Hope that means my heart is getting bigger and bigger,deeper and deeper.

Thank you all so much for your warm comments and we are very sorry for not being able to visit you and update our post today again.

I'd like to send this song to every special kitties who had gone to the bridge.



Sorry for not blogging for a while!!
We have been blogging in Japanese but couldn't do in English!

Here are mommy's excuses just in case you were interested...

Mommy has so many works these days.

One of our friends has gone to the bridge.
One of our friends had a birthday.
One of our friends is looking for a forever home.
And mommy wanted to make the illustrations for all of them.

Mommy has nasal congestion and she thought it was because of an allergy.
So she went to the hospital today.
But the doctor didn't think it was an allergy.
She needs a blood test. But she always faints!
So the doctor gave her medicines and decided not to do the blood testing today! YAY!
Anyway we think it is not a serious problem.
Maybe she was a tiny bit tired.

.....And because of all those,
She had no energy left to translate our blog into English.

Anyway,we are so sorry!!!!
Hope you won't forget us and will come see us again!

So she has lots of Japanese posts waitning to be translated....
But today,we had a big news about our prime minister.
Today,we are posting our today's post!

What is a child allowance?

Ku-suke was enjoying a beautiful morning today,too!

"Mom!! Why is Teko here again? "

Mom thought we were going to start fighting.
But suddenly,Ku-suke lost his interest.

Good for mom, Boys!!!

Mom went to a school of photography for 2 years when she was young.
This is the very first photo that she took by herself,developed by herself,printed by herself.

Mom loves this picture,but in school,mom was scolded because her photos were almost only cats!!