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Cats are Wizards

Hello Friends!!

Sorry mommy couldn't blog for a short while.
She had been a little too busy.

It was a rainy Sunday here in Tokyo(now it is Monday already) and she had lots of works to do.
And she was not feeling so happy this weekend.
So we cast a spell on her to make her happy.
I'm sure it worked!! Yipee!!!

You know we cats can cast a spell on human beans.
Every kitty knows that!!

Well,every kitty has his/her own characteristics on their way to use the power.
Like I show you...
Here Ku-suke is just kneading...

And this makes mommy so happy.
Mommy never knows that he casts a spell on her.

And this one is his advanced magic showing melancholic look on his face.

Yeah,of course I have my magic power.

"Look I am too cute"magic!!
But this is one of the magic the beginners use.
I know I have to work harder.

I'm gonna show you the real cat wizard.
(I wanna be like him one day!)

No explanation needed,right?
Amazing power.....

We have one more post today SOON!!!

3 件のコメント:

  1. Great job=you handsome boys all have magical powers and you utilize them well!...We feel totally under your spells and are so happy after viewing those magical photos!...We know your Mommy loves the way you can affect her mood with just a little of your magical love!...You sweet mancats are the best!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. You all are the Wizards of Feline fur sure!!!

  3. Me and Charlie are under your spell amazing Teko, magic Ku-suke and Dreamy B-Sensei!

    Glad you made your mum smile and banished her melancholy! Yay!

    Take care