Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Ku-suke's Monologue

Hello Friends!
I thought sometimes I should do the blogging,too like Teko and mom.
Now I'm on my mom's knees and really relaxed.
It was a sunny day here in Tokyo today!
Our daddy had to work today but mommy and daddy went to have a wonderful dinner last night!
They told me they ate chicken dishes!!

It is easy for me to come up to the bookshelf,
but to my brother,Teko,
I think it is a little too difficult...

I was wondering what Teko was doing...

he fell down!!!

Mom was so worried and run to Tekorin,
but Teko got it wrong and thought mommy was playng tag!
I was so glad that he didn't get hurt.
But Teko should be more careful as his hind leg doesn't move like ours.

Besides,when I happen to look at him,

He's always copying me!!

Even when mom is playing with me,
I don't know why he's always there instead of me.

Do you have brothers or sisters like this???

Maybe B-sensei thought I was like this...
But I do think I was a good kitty compared to Tekorin.


Family Ties

Hello Furriends!!
Now I can com up to the top of the bookshelf easily by myself!!
I'm a tiny little afraid of going down,so mommy helps me when going down.
But I think mommy put me down too soon.

Golden Week has just started here in Japan!
Golden week referes to the period from April 29th to
May 5th when there are four national holidays.
Including Saturdays and Sundays many Japanese
have more than a week of holidays at this time.
Our Daddy is working as a freelance photographer and we don't have enough holidays like other people.
But anyway,we can have some holidays!!
Usually daddy's holidays are only Sundays.

I'm doing fine and not forgetting to bite my dear brother,Ku-suke!

He made a counterattack on me!

BTW,mommy loves a classic American TV program called "Family Ties".
Do you know that program?
That is way too classic to me and I have no idea why she loves it.
But mommy told me she always cries watching this finale.
Mommy told me she always thinks "I don't want to say goodbye to Family Ties"and that's why she cries.
Isn't it funny?
Because this show had already finished looooooong time ago.

But anyway,this is the finale!

In japan Family Ties was on TV in 1986.
I was a high school student at that time and I LOVED Mallory so much!!
Too bad only this DVD is available in Japan.

It is a kind of my dream to watch all seasons of Family Ties!!
Yep!! I'm a classic person!!

And I love this book of Michael J Fox!

I met "Serenity Prayer" in this book.
God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

It really touched me.

Teko insists he wants to mark the"Family Ties"!

Teko comments:
"I don't really know the meaning of "Family Ties"actuallly,
But my mommy looooves it and it means I LOVE it!!
Family Ties 5 teko!!
Hope mommy let me play on top of the shelf longer!!!
Is this a "bootlick"?
Then I must be a very good bootlicker!!"

Tekorin,I think "Family Ties"is about LOVE that you have.

Thank you for purrring for Suzuki,
he found a forever home!!
And now I have another furriend who's looking for a family!!
He needs Family Ties!!
His name is Bitter-kun.
Bitter was the word written on the box where his mommy found him in.


ears! ears! ears!

What is this?????

It is B-sensei when he's stretching!
It is like this Oden-kun.

Oden-kun is a character created from the Japanese food,Oden.

Well well....
I found an interesting post from our Japanese blog friends.

At first,she was curious about the white spot on the tiger's ears.
They are called "eye spots" or "predator spots".
And she studied that not only tigers,most Felidae has these spots.

Then,she began to think...
How about the cats?

So she's now trying to make a "cat's ears dictionary"(just for fun!)
She is collecting the photos of the cats' ears and categoraizing them into groups.

What a fun idea!!

So we decided to join!


His ears don't have any spots.
We can see the gradations.

He doen't have lynx tips,neither.
Lynx Tips are the Hair at the tips of the ears resembling the lynx’s ear tips.


He doesn't have any spots and lynx tips,neither.
His ears are beautifully rounded.

We can see the gradation again!


Here they come!!!
These are the lynx tips!

not very wild enough...hahaha

And Teko doesn't have a SPOT,but it seems he was at least,trying to have them.

Tell us how your ears are like!!
Happy Wednesday!


Cats on the bookshelf

It's Tekorin from the bookshelf!!

Because I'm on TOP of the shelf,
my voice was really loud!
Hope you could hear me.
You can see my brother,too.

Tekorin is too excited these days and now he can climb up to the top of the bookshelf!
But I'm always worried because his leg isn't strong enough.
Of course it is getting much better,but he is still very different from the other kitties...
So I keep watching him carefully.

But anyway,you can see him SO HAPPY!!
Look his tail!
It is like an antenna!

"I feel so good looking down!"

"Even B-sensei looks so small"

And B-sensei seemed very eager to going up to the top of the shelf,too.
So we brought him to the top,too!

They are looking down on earth together

B-sensei loves taking care of Tekorin.

Sometimes Teko is too pushy,though!

Tekorin,you look so happy!
Mommy is so happy if you are happy!!


Teko-5 months before-

Mommy thinks that you look so cute in or on the bookshelf both now and then!

One of our friend came visiting 3 amigos on Saturday!!
Tekorin was happy on her knees!

Suzuki from the Roon#703 found his forever home!!!!



Bed at the window

Hello! from the SMART? kitty Teko!

Thank you all so much for purring for Suzuki!
It is great to know that many furriends who live far away from us are purraying for our furrined.
You all are such BEAUTIFUL kitties not only the appearances but also in heart!!
We are so very encouraged!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Tokyo.

This bed(a gift from Koro-chan) is getting more and more popular among us!!

Do you know why?
Our mommy rearranged the furnitures in a bedroom and now we have this lovely bed at the window!!!

We can watch the outside from here!
We 3amigos are so happy!!

Mommy thinks that I look more and more alike to the NORAKURO these days.

Norakuro is a little like Felix,I think.

Mommy didn't know he was a DOG till today!!!
She loved eating Norakuro-ice cream when she was a little child.
Even then,she believed it was a CAT.
Mommy told about it in her Japanese blog and we knew that some of our furriends still believe he is a CAT.
Norakuro is a CAT looking dog!

Ku-suke likes to take a nap here.
with me....


Is it me?????


It was a lovely Pitschi!!

Tekorin is NOT quiet after coming back from the vet(neutering).

"No it's me!!
The Lovely Teko!!"

Mommy couldn't take a good photo of B-sensei,but he loves to take a nap here,too!!

Every Day is A Sprots Day for Ku&Teko.
Usually we can't take good pictures of them playing around.
Hope these 2 pics tell you how hard they are doing their trainings!!

Especially,the black and white wild thing never stops a moment.

Have a HAPPY weekend!!