Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Neko(Cat) Manga(Comic)

Thank you always for visiting us and leaving such warm comments!
We really appreciate it!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Today we have 2 Neko(Cat) Manga(Comic).



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  1. Hi, sweet, handsome boys!...We love your post and think your Mommy is very creative and talented!...The photos and comic captions are great; you boys are so adorable together!...We love you guys and hope you all have a fun day!...kisses...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. LOL!!! Oh Teko your super mum is really so talented and created and really very funny!!!

    This is so wonderful and me and Charlie are still chuckling away!!! Thank you for making our morning very happy and fun! Well done you talented kitties too! :-)

    Take care

  3. I try never to look at Harley, too.

  4. Oh my goodness you are so funny and entertaining!!! YOu have a wonderful idea of what kitties are saying too. Blogging is easy when you have 3 beautiful kitties to blog about,
    Happy Day to you too,
    Madi and Mom

  5. MOL!!! You are SO silly!

  6. That was very entertaining! What a great job your mommy did with the captions ... we could imagine that is what you guys were really saying! :)

  7. We love your cartoons! You guys get to have so much fun telling stories.
    (We finally posted about the award you gave to us!)

  8. Very funny and lovely kitties!

    I know you live in Tokyo now, but is that where you lived as a child? When I visited Tokyo in 1990, I stayed in Shinjuku, and saw the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁舎), Tōkyō Tochōsha. Amazing!
    But I liked the beautiful countryside more than the cities.
    Your new friend,

  9. Hi guys!! ひさしぶり! *^_^*

    We really enjoyed your comic, and Prince Ku is sooo cute when he cried for help! LOL!

    We hope you have all been well! ^_~

    Kenzo & Azreen

  10. What great photos! Tekorin, when you meowed, "Look only At ME!" - that was so funny! It's nice to be the center of attention sometimes! (or all the time!) :->

    I also love how B-sensei just lays calmly in his comfy bed as the chaos between Tekorin and Prince Ku happen. So cute! Be-sensei, that is very Zen of you!


  11. So so so cute pictures :-)
    We love it all .....

    Have a Happy Weekend
    Hugs to all
    Kareltje & Anya

  12. Hahaha! 'suspicious creature'!! Reminds us soo much of my brother Kenji.
    We love all the pics! Tekorin & Kusuke is so funny!