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Little Red Ribbon Kitty

Now we send you the third story from the 3 Amigos Fariy Tales.

"Little Red Ribbon Kitty" from "Little Red Riding Hood"
(Sorry!!! It is getting more and more trifling...)

This time,Tekorin played triple roles by himself!

Once upon a time,there lived in a certain village a little country kitty,
the prettiest creature who was ever seen.
(And I tell you a secret.....that's ME!!!)

My grandma made a special Ribbon Collar for me.
It suited me so extremely well that everybody called me
Little Red Ribbon Kitty.

One day mommy said to me, "Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing,
for I hear she has been very ill. "
Mommy also said "Be careful with the bad wolf"

So I went to see my grandma walking through the woods.

"Are you OK,Grandma?"

"But why are you looking so scaary???"


"I'm gonna eat you up!!!!

How was that?
Did I scare you???

Are you listening to me,Ku-suke???


-----------Movies we saw----------


Tekorin comments:

"At First I thought this was an old men's movie.
So I was not that interested...
But I found that these human beans are more childish than me!!
And these guys are very sweet human beans.
They are crying and angry seriously,but I laughed a lot!!!
After lol, I was moved to tears.

I mean....
I LOVE these guys!!"


B-sensei comments:

"This movie was a good one. A quiet movie,though.
I loved Nick Nolte!!! He is a pawesome actor!
You can also meet that Beatrice Dalle who was in the great movie"Betty Blue".
This movie has "Love" in it.
The heroine played by Maggie Cheung is not really a good person,
but really touching.
Actors are all so natural like not playing.
This movie may not be the enjoyable fun movie,
But after watching this movie,my heart was filled with warm feeling."

14 件のコメント:

  1. You did really well playing all 3 parts Tekorin! Your roar really scared us!! You have the most amazing looking mouth :)
    We're really impressed that you've been watching those movies. We've never even heard of them!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  2. My Grandma, what B~~I~~G teef you have!

  3. Awww Teko!! You are just amazing! Me and Charlie got so frightened we hid behind our sofa!! What a great story teller you are!! And what teeth!

    Ku-suke is very brave to have stayed where he was!

    Thank you for the movies info! I love Maggie Cheung and so this is great for me! And the Anvil looks like a good film to watch too.

    Hello to B-Sensei!!

    Take care

  4. Hi did indeed scare us...what a mouth full of pearly white teeth you have!!
    We love your red collar too. Very cute post,
    Madi and Mom

  5. Wow, I'm impressed to, you did a wonderful job!!!

  6. MOL.............what fun you are Teko!!!!!!! What a totally cool red collar!!!

  7. Teko, you did a great job playing all the parts in the fairy tale=your wolf impersonation was fierce and scared all of us!! (Halle is still under the bed!)...We love that you are a movie reviewer too, that is too cool!...kisses sweet boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaa, i was scared! I do not want to be eaten :)

    Cute and sweet kitty you have :)
    best regards :)

  9. Fabulous story and Tekorin you are a terrific
    cat actor! We think your big teeth look good,
    and bright white! You must brush your teeth everyday like a good kitty should! ((Smiles))

  10. We loved Little Red Ribbon Kitty! It was a great fairy tale!! You did a great job Tekorin!!

    And we have heard of Anvil but haven't heard of the other movie. Our mom doesn't watch a lot of movies - she gets them then doesn't watch them!!

  11. I almost screamed when I saw those big teeths!

  12. Wow, you have some really big and scary teeth, Tekorin! You did a very good job playing all three parts in your fairy tale. Too bad Ku-suke-chan was not paying attention.

    Thank you and Beat Sensei for the great movie reviews. We will have to look for those movies. :)

  13. You did a wonderful job :))
    Love your big teeth........... LOL
    Beautiful post as always !!

    Hugs to all
    from Kareltje =^.^=

  14. What a beautiful story! We loved the part when you played the wolf. We hid under the covers for a few minutes, but then we laughed and laughed because we said "That is not a real wolf it is our friend Teko!"
    We love your tales.