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A Holiday in Tomiura

Hello from B-sensei!!
I'm sorry my mom was so slow to post again.

I had diarrhea and was feeling a little sick.
Mom went to the vet (thank Cat-God I didn't have to go)
and brought home some medicine for me.
And now I feel so much better!!

During the Golden Week,dad and mom went to Tomiura.

Tomiura is a small town in Chiba Prefecture.
Chiba is next to Tokyo.
Daddy's aunt and uncle live there.
Actually,I have been there several times with mom and dad when I was young.
(mom and dad were young,too!)

Tomiura is really a nice place.
Mom will update the pictures taken by dad below.
Hope you can feel the atmosphere...

This time us 3 Amigos stayed home.

Mom and Dad had a wonderful dishes like this!!!

They look delicious!!
We want treats,too!


When dad was a child,he spent the whole summer in Tomiura.
Tomiura is his second hometown.
(His hometown is Yokohama)
Mom and Dad had a wonderful holiday in Tomiura!!

Hope you enjoy dad's pictures of Tomiura!!!

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  1. It looks SO lovely there. we are happy your mom and dad had a great time and the foods like YUMMY!

  2. We are glad you are feeling better....
    Mom and Dad had a wonderful trip. The food look delicious and beautifully presented.
    We enjoyed the photos of the scenery and the beach. It looked like a lot of tents on the beach. Do people camp on the beach?
    Thank you for the lovely post.
    We think # 5 that you listed on our post is right.
    Madi and Mom

  3. I'm sorry you were not feeling well. Gorgeous photos!!!

  4. We're glad to hear B-sensei is feeling better...We hope you all got your treats when Mom and Dad came home!...Tomiura looks like a beautiful, serene place; I love the contrast of the last two photos...Hope you all have a lovely day sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Meow..meow..
    I 'm so happy to read
    that you are feeling better :))
    Love your lovely shots!!

    Your Daddy makes wonderful shots
    the nature is amazing there :)))
    Thanks for sharing this beauty.
    (ps. Tomorrow I must go to the Vet :(
    Only for healthy check,
    Its normal in our country two times a year:(

    Hugs to all Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Hi Teko, B-sensei and Ku-suke!

    I hope you had lots and lots of treats!

    B-sensei - me and Charlie are so sorry to hear you weren't well - we are glad to hear that the medication mum gave you has worked and you are feeling a little better - please take care!

    Tomiura looks absoulutely amazing - very peaceful and the beach is so lovely and soothing. We are so glad your mum and dad had a wonderful time there. Thank you for sharing these fantastic pics of this wonderful place.

    You are very sweet kitties to be so good looking after your home!

    Take care

  7. We are happy that you are better and that mom was able to bring medicine home to you.
    The pictures of Tomiura are beautiful. It must have been a lovely trip.
    We are hoping that you got to have some yummy treats.
    Hugs and purrs from all of us at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I sure am glad that your tummy is feeling better!!!

  9. What a pretty blog you have! Such lovely photos! The food looks amazingly yummy and the photos of Tomiura are gorgeous.

    I am sorry B-sensie is not feeling well. Paws crossed that you feel better soon! You are all very pretty kitties!