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Tsubo(shiatsu) point for cats

(model cat Tekorin)

Ku-suke has a nasal inflammation and especiallly in this season,
his nose seems always stucked and tears come into his eyes.

This is the shiatsu point my vet. taught me.
Of course I'm not a doctor and if you want to try,
please take personal responsibility about this.

And this is so important if this points working well fot your cats,
they look happy,so if your cats don't seem happy,stop doing this right now.

For nose-front side
push the ☆ (you can find a hollow place) and rub down the bridge of the nose softly.
massage around eyes softly(this is a service massage♪)

For Eyes-back side
You can find a cricking(I'm not sure if this expression is OK) place around ☆ area.
massage there to soften them with a feeling that theire eyes get better.

6 件のコメント:

  1. Tekorin what excellent information...I tried it on myself and it actually feels very good!!!
    Madi certainly enjoys a body time I get her really relaxed, I'll try this.
    We are glad you were able to see our video.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Wow!!
    I love also a body massage
    it feels always so relaxing :-)
    Thanks for the information...

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  3. This sounds very reasonable. If it doesn't work, at least it feels nice!
    And we think your English is very good.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I hope you like my massage!
    We (Tekorin,Ku-suke,B-sensei and Mom)all loved watching your video!!


  5. Hi Anya,
    Hope Karaltje likes my massage!
    It feels goooood when it's woriking.
    massage is always necessary for both human and cats&dogs!

  6. Hi TK,
    Thank you!!
    I know my English is furrrny sometimes.
    So tell me when I said weird things like you can't let them be on the blogs!(...see? I think I'm saying furrny English...)
    I'm glad your vet trip finished!