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Roppongi Art Night

Happy Ku-suke in Dad's arms and
"wanna play with" Tekorin.

How did you spend the weekend?
Hope it was a happy weekend.

In Japan,we enjoy cherry blossom viewing at this season.
But here in Tokyo,it was a little too cold.

We went to the fun event,ROPPONGI ART NIGHT!
This is the 2nd time we enjoyed last year,too.

It is almost around midnight,but the city looks excited!

We could see the beautiful art in Mohri Garden.
This Lotus seemed to move reacting to voices.

view of a hazy moon from the Mohri Garden

And we could enjoy the night viewing of cherry blossoms.
It was so beautiful!

You can enjoy lots of art events at many places around Roppongi.

We saw these huge balloon dolls when we came back to the arena.

The most fabulous point of this event is...
It goes on all night long!

But,we-middle aged couple enjoyed moderetely.
When we were young we were greedy we had to see all the arts but now,
we treasure every meeting and never be greedy anymore...
(ha ha ha it is an excuse we just get tired!)

One of our most favorite place is the Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi.
1F books & cafe
it opens till 4am.
So we enjoyed the bookstore before going home!

And I found very cute dolls in Louis Vuitton!

Though I'm not interested in Louis Vuitton,
These vuitton girls attracted me a lot!

Ku-suke marked this art event.

Kusuke comments
"Because I was so excited to see the Giant Torayan last year,
I felt I was not entirely satisfied this year.
Mohri Garden was beautiful but I thought it was more beautiful last year
with haze...
So it is 3 Ku!
But Tekorin says he wants to add a bonus point."

Tekorin comments
"You can enjoy loooots of fun art events all night loooooong!
Only 3 Ku points is not enough,I think.
I wanted to see that Giant-Torayan,too!
I was not born at that time,though..."

So the total is
3Ku & 1Teko

I found Giant-Torayan's movie here.
please enjoy if you want!
Last year when we saw this,
he was breathing fire so often and it was almost HOT!

Last but not least,

We can't forget the kitties!!

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  1. Roppongi Art Night looks like a lot of fun!...Love the pictures of the hazy moon and the cherry blossoms=so beautiful!...The Ku and Teko markers are really cool!...Kusuke looks so relaxed and happy in his Daddy's arms and Tekorin looks like he's waiting for a treat in the last picture=wonderful photos of your babies!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. That looked AWSOME! Although the giant Torayan looked a little scary for cats.

  3. Roppongi pictures are beautiful. I love how lights add so much to pictures and celebrations.
    Your kitties are so pretty and healthy looking.
    What a wonderful job you have done taking care of them. Madi and Mom

  4. Hey Tekorin!! It is very nice to meet you and your family :)
    Roppongi Art Night looks quite amazing !! It would be a great thing to see. There is nothing that grand where we live ;)
    We look forward to learning more about you and your brothers too :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  5. こんにちはてこりんちゃん! ^_^


    あなたはかわいいすぎっ! *^_^*

    We are still learning Japanese, but I hope we can be friends ;)

    Kenzo & Azreen

  6. Hi Jaqueline!
    Yes!!Roppongi Art Night is a sure hit!
    We love the atmosphere around this area,too.
    And you are right!! Teko is waiting for his treat!!

  7. Thank you friends from The Paw Relations!
    Yes,,,the Giant Tora-yan is a little too scary for cats. But once you get used to it,it is a huge fun to watch him breathing fire!

  8. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I'm so happy you liked our pictures!
    Roppongi is a city that doesn't sleep.
    It keeps shinig all night,especially on this night!
    Thank you always for the warm comments*^_^*

  9. Hi Mickey,Georgia,and Tillie!
    Thank you for visiting our blog!!
    I'm so happy to meet you,too!
    Roppongi Art Night is really a huge fun!!
    Hope someday all of you can come join!

  10. こんにちは!

    Thank you so much for visiting our blog!

  11. THANKS for this WONDERFUL post :-)
    I love it ...........
    I wish I could see it with my one eyes :))))