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Pester Power

Now I'm ready to attack my brother Ku-suke in that white house!

Yes!! I did it!!!

Actually,before this, Tekorin was chewing carpet beside Ku-suke like a spoilt baby .

Ku-suke seemed like he felt he spent enough time with Tekorin and said bye-for-now to Tekorin with a lovely grooming.

But,,,Tekorin was not satisfied enough!
,,,and jumped into Ku-suke's whiet house!

Sorry Ku-suke.
Your little brother is a little too annoying...

B-sensei and Tekorin have pester power!
Today I want to show you how they use it.

Daddy is eating his supper.
Now B-sensei is using the power just staring at him.
It is gonna be a quiet,but a huge pressure.

But,no no no...
He's gonna eat them all.
This time daddy wins.

Look how Tekorin use the power.
He's too young to use it ellegantly, so he asks for a treat more directly!

Tekorin tried so hard to win some treats,
But sorry,,,Tekorin.

Last photos are these...


I found the Tsuchinoko!!!
(The Tsuchinoko is a legendary snake-like cryptid from Japan.
It is said to be shorter and fatter than common snakes)


It was B-sensei...

6 件のコメント:

  1. Nice to see you all playing
    I love that white house !!
    It looks soft and warm :-)

    Very nice action shots ...

    Hugs to all Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Wonderful post. We loved looking at all the pictures

  3. Really beautiful, adorable babies!!...Such cute pictures of the boys playing together and they sure can utilize the "stare down" well=they are definitely talking with those eyes!!...Have a great day!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  4. Thank you,Anya!!
    Yes,the white house is so comfy!
    We'll send you our big hugs to you,Anya and Kareltje^o^!

  5. Thank you friends from The Paw Relations!
    I love taking pictures*^-^*

  6. Thank you Jaqueline!
    Thank you for all the lovely comments*^o^*
    B-sensei doesn't think that he is a cat. Maybe that's why he is the best in talking with the eyes!