Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Tekorin loves...

Tekorin loves Ku-suke.

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  1. Hi Tekorin,
    Thank you for visiting our blog. You are right you do have Mickeymouse on your very adorable!!! We've been blogging since June 2009. We look forward to reading more about you.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Hi Tekorin! You has a very nice place here. Thanks for dropping by to see us.
    We wants to welcome you to the blogsphere!
    You are very cute.

  3. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I'm so glad you came visiting my blog. Thank you!!!
    My Mickeymouse is growing so I hope it won't change into something else...
    I found that I wrote my Mickeymouse is IN my nose!! ohhh...
    ON the nose,thank you!!

    I can have friend in ocerseas and learn English!
    How nice! I'll try uploading more so please come again☆

  4. Hi TK,
    Thank you so much for visiting!!
    I was surprised you came so soon to say hello. and I'm so grateful fot that. Thank you !!
    I have to work hard writing and reading English but I'll try!

    and you are so cool!!