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Gentle Afternoon

Hello friends!
Thank you all again for your kind thoughts and tender heart.
You make us smile^^

The other day,
I found B-sensei and Ku-suke taking a nap together in one bed.
Usually,they don't get along well each other and
I could hardly see them nap together.
I was soooooo happy to see them together.

But it seemed like a miracle and didn't seem to happen again.

I saw it again!!!

First,Ku-suke was sleeping here alone.
Then came B-sensei and went next to Ku!

In Japanese,we have a special word which stands for this situation.
We call it "NEKO DANGO"
"Cats Dumpling"
They became NEKO DANGO!

B-sensei's head is sticking out from the bed.

This bed is too small for two?

Finally,B-sensei felt too hot to be the NEKO DANGO !

And what was our boy,Teko-chan doing while B and Ku enjoying a gentle afternoon?

He likes to stay on the mat.
These days,Teko's new hobby is plucking this mat.....

I can see the tail of the flower thief.

Flowers and plants can be dangerous for cats,
so it is very difficult to adorn a table with flowers...
Especially when you are living with naughty kitty....

After a while,I saw these two!

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. I think if B-sensei and Ku-suke are going to need a larger bed if they are going to be bed buddies. ;)
    Cute photos of them together!
    Ear rubs and nose taps,

  2. Awwwww B-Sensei and Ku-suke look like they are going to be bestest buddies from now on! They make a wonderful Neko Dango!

    Those are wonderful pics of them sharing that lovely round bed!! Me and Charlie love B-Sensei's head just hanging over the bed!

    We think Teko was trying to re-arrange the flowers! LOL!!! But you are right to point out that some flowers are indeed not good for kitties!

    B-Sensei and Teko together are just precious!
    Take care

  3. Your photographs are exquisite...they all make me feel like I'm sitting right in your lovely home having tea. Of course we all know that what we are taking a picture is important and your three kitties are beautiful.
    Happy Saturday,
    Madi and Mom

  4. Sometimes the bed only seems too small, but we make the best of it! The pictures were very pretty. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  5. Your pictures are so very sweet!! Lovely!!! We love kitties so much and yours are beauitful! Have a great weekend!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. B-sensei and Ku-suke are adorable cuddled up together in bed; it's really cute how B-sensei tried to make himself fit even when he was hanging out of the bed!!...Teko is being silly with the flowers=my girls sniff them a lot, but they don't usually try to eat them anymore like they used to when they were kittens!...Love all the photos of your sweet boys...Kisses handsome friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. What sweet cats! I live with 3 cats and sometimes try to cuddle with them, but they are just not interested.

    Happy blog hop!

  8. Just wanted to check in on you all you have posted in a while. We hope all is well.
    Madi and Mom