Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Look on the bright side

We still have aftershocks everyday and news are telling scary things.
People living in Tokyo are trying hard to cheer ourselves up,but nights are dark,many people are leaving Tokyo,and these things make us feel anxious.
Many people feel phantom earthquakes all the time and we are all so tired and nervous.

Now new tests show tap water here in Tokyo is safe enough for babies,but panic in Tokyo again made people buy all bottled waters all over Japan.

We need simple,clear informations that we really need to know.
We need truth and something we can rely on.

So we've been spending uneasy nights.
But also we see so many touching stories about how humans are strong in their heart and how warm we could be.
We feel something changing.
In better way.
I think there are hundreds of people who feel the same.

This is gonna be our turning point.

Fears and angers can easily dominate us.
Those powers are huge.
But I believe the love and tenderness is much stronger.
So now is the time that we try hard to look on the bright side.

Our Teko is saying...
Hello furriends,Teko here!

Radiation threatening us,but hope everybody is doing fine.
Safe water for us cats,please!
I was thinking so hard trying to figure out what to do...
And that made my eyes crossed...
So I've decided.

To look on the bright side where the light is directed.
Famous Itoi Shigesato was also saying...'Don't count how deep the darkness are,but how bright the lights are'
And that made me want to go to the bright place.

It's warm and comfy!
I wanted to go more further,but my mean mommy said NO.

I found a very touching music from Kenya.


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  1. Awww, Teko! You are so cute! And so smart to go where the sun's beams are shining bright! Sorry you could not go further, but your mom just wants to protect you. :->

    I think you mom is very smart also, to have Faith that the goodness and love of people will overcome all the hardships. We also believe that love, goodness, and kindness always triumph.

    Our news is not really informative either, so best to follow your instincts and trust yourself.

    Beautiful video, brought tears to my eyes! Please know we continue to pray for you and for all the animals and people of Japan. Stay safe.


    Suka and KrisAnne

  2. Thank you for taking the time to update us, we think about you constantly. Many purrs and hugs!

  3. Oh sweet and lovely and ever so wise Teko!!!! You teach me and Charlie how to be positive and upbeat and to always turn to love and hope and not to anger and despair!!

    We hope and pray that you and lovely B-Sensei and sweet Ku-suke and mum and dad remain safe and hopeful. We hope you have enough clean water too - so important!!! We know you and all of Japan will get through this!!!! Be strong and brave Teko!! Take care

  4. Sending all our love and support to you and your country. I agree, something is changing and we must focus on the light in these scary times. Take care!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Purring so hard for everyone in Japan right now. You are in our hearts!

  6. We think about you all the time, so thank you for the update. We are purring and praying!

  7. We think of all of you every day and you are always in our prayers. Every Sunday at Mom's church, they pray for the people of your country.

  8. We are purring that you stay in the light Teko. We are praying for you and your country.

  9. Thinking of you and hoping you kitties and your humans are safe and doing O.K. Our prayers and love are with all of Japan during this time.


    Suka and KrisAnne

  10. Teko, can you tell how you and your family are? We are praying for you every day!

  11. Hello friends,

    We wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing. Please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers!

    Your friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  12. We are thinking of you.
    Hope things will be better soon.
    Sending all of you tonnes of loves and purrs from us here.

    We love you. Stay Strong.

    Lucky & Co