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Wonderland and Jeanloup

It was a warm sunny Wednesday here in Tokyo today.

Do you see where I am?

I'm using that unpopular bed for mommy.

Feeling good!

BTW,Daddy and Mommy went to see something on Sunday.

Do you want to know what?

First one is this!
Jeanloup Shief

Ku-suke comments
"I think Jeanloup's photos are very stylish.There were many impressive photos!!
I love Jeanloup so it was really exciting to see his unseen photos.
His portraits are fabulous!
But,,,I wish I could see more of his Best Works."

The flier was really cool,
so we enjoyed taking a picture of the flier like this.

And the second one is...


Tekorin comments
"It was a funfull movie to me!!!
I've been to wonderland once!

DSB credits:Shabby Princess

But this Wonderland was such a GREAT wonderland.
Very,really enjoyable!!
Then why not 5 Teko?
ummm...I'm sorry but I loooove the book so if you expected the depth like the book has,
I think you'll be disappointed somehow.
But anyway,I love this movie!!
Of course I love the cheshire cat.
But I like this red queen a lot!
Am I strange?"

I have a Mickey Mouse on my nose and I wonder why
Walt Disney Pictures don't ask me to take part in a Disney film...

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  1. Alice in Wonderland was such a great movie. Our 'beans took the little 'bean to go see it and they all really liked it. You look so cute in your little bed. Mom LOVES your clock!

  2. You look so good in all those pictures, keep smiling!

  3. I love your "sidebed" at the table, looks very comfortable, already the old romans were laying and not sitting at table ! You are a real nice model !

  4. TenTen we so agrees with you about the movie and the book. And we like that red Queen too. She was mavelous! "Bring me a pig!"

    You look very handsome in your bed!

  5. Awwwww! You are very cultured and discerning kitties!!!

    The pic on the flyer was very naughty! Charlie is still blushing! LOL!

    And I love the wonderland pics - such fun!!

    And the red queen is a joy to behold as the cheshire cat. I'm yet to see this film but now I can't wait as you lovely kitties have given it such a good review!

    Tekorin - I so agree! You have movie-star looks especially with your little mickey mouse nose.


    Take care

  6. Tekorin, You certainly should be in movies. I think your bed looks very comfortable.

  7. Your little Mickey Mouse nose is so adorable!

  8. Great post as usual...very creative and beautiful photography. Tekorin we love your nose!!!
    Madi and Mom

  9. Tekorin
    Happy Saturday to you all!
    We are glad you enjoyed our collage,
    Madi and Mom