Thank you for visitint our blog. I'm Tekorin from Tokyo. My name is actually TenTen but my mom calls me Tekorin.
Sometimes my mom writes this blog. Sometimes I write.
Sorry my English is sometimes so furrnny like my Mom's.
Hope I can meet lots of furriends!!


Family Ties

Hello Furriends!!
Now I can com up to the top of the bookshelf easily by myself!!
I'm a tiny little afraid of going down,so mommy helps me when going down.
But I think mommy put me down too soon.

Golden Week has just started here in Japan!
Golden week referes to the period from April 29th to
May 5th when there are four national holidays.
Including Saturdays and Sundays many Japanese
have more than a week of holidays at this time.
Our Daddy is working as a freelance photographer and we don't have enough holidays like other people.
But anyway,we can have some holidays!!
Usually daddy's holidays are only Sundays.

I'm doing fine and not forgetting to bite my dear brother,Ku-suke!

He made a counterattack on me!

BTW,mommy loves a classic American TV program called "Family Ties".
Do you know that program?
That is way too classic to me and I have no idea why she loves it.
But mommy told me she always cries watching this finale.
Mommy told me she always thinks "I don't want to say goodbye to Family Ties"and that's why she cries.
Isn't it funny?
Because this show had already finished looooooong time ago.

But anyway,this is the finale!

In japan Family Ties was on TV in 1986.
I was a high school student at that time and I LOVED Mallory so much!!
Too bad only this DVD is available in Japan.

It is a kind of my dream to watch all seasons of Family Ties!!
Yep!! I'm a classic person!!

And I love this book of Michael J Fox!

I met "Serenity Prayer" in this book.
God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

It really touched me.

Teko insists he wants to mark the"Family Ties"!

Teko comments:
"I don't really know the meaning of "Family Ties"actuallly,
But my mommy looooves it and it means I LOVE it!!
Family Ties 5 teko!!
Hope mommy let me play on top of the shelf longer!!!
Is this a "bootlick"?
Then I must be a very good bootlicker!!"

Tekorin,I think "Family Ties"is about LOVE that you have.

Thank you for purrring for Suzuki,
he found a forever home!!
And now I have another furriend who's looking for a family!!
He needs Family Ties!!
His name is Bitter-kun.
Bitter was the word written on the box where his mommy found him in.

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  1. Enjoy your holidays :))
    Nice to know more about your country !!
    Love your photo's today
    they are very lovely....
    (Nice to know more about your family Ties :)))

    Hugs for all Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Awwwwww Teko!

    Isn't it great to have such wonderful family ties as B-Sensei, Ku-suke, mum and dad?

    Me and Charlie wish you all a wonderful Golden Week together. We hope you do lots of fun things!

    It's brilliant to know that Suzuki found a furever home. We are sending purrs that Bitter-kun will find a furrever home soon!

    Oh Family Ties was a much watch series wasn't it? One of the best and the funniest!

    Take care

  3. Tekorin!!! Great post your mom is very creative!!! Mom and my human sister used to watch Family Ties when it was first on tv. They loved it too. Mom especially admires the way Michael J Fox has handled his illness with courage. What cute photos of you kitties today.
    We wish you all a very happy holiday over the next few days. Are there any special traditions that go along with the holiday like special food or activities etc.
    Madi and Mom

  4. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!!! And our mom used to watch Family Ties ALL the time! She used to have a B~I~G crush on Michael J. Fox. And, we love your perception of what Family Ties means! YAY for the kitties finding furrever homes!!!

  5. Great pictures!

    I was too young for the whole Family Ties thing.

  6. Your Family Ties makes my whiskers grin up!

  7. our mom watched family ties too. we think you have a good idea of what family ties are. our moms mom is japanese. so most of us have japanese names. there are three cats, three dogs and 3 people in our home.

    we can't wait to learn more about you.

    yuki, kintaro & tt

  8. Tekorin you are so cute!
    We've never watched Family Ties.
    Our mummy is excited that it's Golden Week there. She has fond memories of those holidays, and it's such a great name for a few holidays isn't it?!
    For us kitties here it's Golden Week ALL the time as we don't do ANYthing...
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  9. Happy Golden Week friends!...As always, a wonderful, fun post with gorgeous photos=we love your Mommy's creativity!!...Your family ties photo is beautiful; Teko and Ku-suke look so adorable cuddled up together!...Family Ties was a great show and Michael Fox has shown such courage in dealing with his disease...We are very happy for Suzuki and will now purr for Bitter-kun to find a forever home with loving family ties of his own...We love you 3 boys and hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your parents!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki